Strider Balance Bike Review

All the itsy-bitsy riders out there know the kind of balance bike they want even before you do. It’s the Strider, isn’t it? The brand is overtly popular amongst the toddlers for its bikes, thanks to its excellent marketing and ad campaigns. They do photo contests, balance bike races, cutest ad campaigns and a lot more to attract the attention of young “riders”. So much so, that you can find their bikes in almost every store across the world.

Strider Balance Bike Review -12 Sport

Strider Balance Bike Review

Strider Balance Bike Review

Essentially designed for toddlers, the balance bikes allow kids to learn riding bikes much younger like 18 months to 3 years. Not only does this build their motor skills but allow gives them a confidence to do things on their own and take up charge. Strider Classic is one of the most popular balance bike out there and the Strider Sport is an upgraded version of the same. The Classic is essentially designed for kids aged between 18 months to 2 years, whereas the Sports version is considered ideal for toddlers aged between 2.5 and 4 years. The idea of a Strider is that if your child has learned how to walk, they can easily ride a bike too.


Lightweight Body

Since the bike has been designed for toddlers, a lot of attention has been paid to its structure and weight. Designed with an aluminum frame, the Strider Sport is an ultra-light bike weighing only 6.7 lbs. The lighter weight of the bike also makes it faster and well-balanced.


Comfortable SeatingComfortable Seating

The mini-saddle of the balance bike has been designed to accommodate children up to 5 years. It has been designed with keeping utmost comfort of the toddlers in mind. The slightly cushioned seat has a saddle like design and thus, is highly comfortable for the kids. The seat also comes in an XL size and thus, can be used by up to 5 years’ old kid. Thus, more than just a toddler’s bike, Strider Sport turns out to be a long term investment bike.


High Quality wheelsHigh Quality wheels

Most parents aren’t always happy with the wheels that come with the balance bikes of their kids. These wheels usually keep falling off of the bike or need constant repairs. The best part about Strider Sport is that the bike’s wheels never needs any repairs and are built to sustain for a longer time. The wheels are made out of foam, are extremely lightweight and offer longevity, thus, keeping your worries at bay.

Adjust as the height of your kidAdjust as the height of your kid

Strider Sport is a truly cost effective bike just for the amount of time it lasts one. Designed for everyone aged from 18 months to 5 years, one can get a bike early on and use it for as long as possible. The seat of the bike can go up to 3 inches and thus, accommodate as per the height of your kid. The transformation of the handlebars and seat requires no toolkits at all and thus, can also be done by the kids themselves.


No injuries handlebars

The handlebars on Strider Sport comes with special safety pads so that the kids are at the lowest risk hurting themselves from the same. This makes the riding experience not just enjoyable but also safe for your toddlers.

Strider 12 pro quick facts


  • Designed for 18 months old, it is one of the smallest bikes ever
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Foam wheels which never go flat
  • Has plenty of room for kids to lean in as well as extend their legs

  • The bike cannot be ridden by toddlers over 4-5 years of age
  • Foam tires do not provide enough cushioning
  • Not suitable for non-paved surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it suitable for kids who’ve just started walking?

A: Strider’s bikes are the smallest ever and can accustom to an 18 months old as well. If your kid has just started walking, it could be a good buy.

Q: Is the bike adjustable?

A: The bike’s seat and its handlebars can be adjusted for those up to 5 years of age. It doesn’t require any tools and can be done by the kids as well.

Q: How often do its tires require maintenance?

A: The Strider Sport comes with foam tires that barely require any maintenance and never go flat.

Final Verdict:

Strider has made a name for itself over the years in the field of balance bikes. Their latest offering Strider Sport, too, doesn’t fall short of expectations. The bike can adjust to a wide range of kids and is durable, as well as light. It also comes with special safety pads around handle bars to protect the kids from possible risk of injuries. The only drawback of the bike is that the foam tires do not provide enough cushion and thus, the bike cannot be ridden on non-paved roads. However, the bike is a must buy for all parents and is worth every penny.


Strider Balance Bike Review -12” Classic

Strider Balance Bike Review -12” Classic

Strider Balance Bike Review -12” Classic

Are you planning to gift your little one a Balance Bike on his/her birthday? Children are naturally drawn to balance bikes and nothing pleases them more than owning one. For parents the big decision is ‘Which One to Chose?’ From the array of products available in the market, selecting the one that matches your specifications is a bit tricky.


You can lay your worries to rest as Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike is always parent’s first choice. Strider Balance Bikes have been dominating the market for past many decades. Their Bikes are well designed, of highest quality – offering greatest comfort to the child.

Available in four vibrant colors Blue, Pink, Green and Red, Strider 12 classic trains your child to bike-ride in the most fun and frolic way.

Riding a balance Bike helps in developing the motor skill coordination of the child. As the bike is pedal-less, the child learns to balance on his/her own feet quickly. Training with Balance bike enables smooth transition to real bicycles.


The 12” classic comes with ultra light wheels which have five spoke design consisting 10 bearing support gussets for high strength. The bike is both light and sturdy. Foot rest and brake mount provides additional support and safety to the child while riding.

As the child advances and gains confidence, footrests and brake mounts assist in gliding and frolicking. Brake mounts are optional attachment.

The Bike has adjustable seat and handle bars. Designed for kids between 1.5 to 3 yrs, strider classic offers the lowest seat height that can be adjusted with the growing height of the child. The handle bars are properly padded to prevent formation of blisters from holding the bars for long hours.

The tires are sturdy enough to ride on any terrain.

They are considered to be the best for balance bikes.

Strider’s top most concern is the safety and comfort of the child so every part of the bike is thoroughly checked and tested at the time of manufacturing and before delivery.


Pros  So what is it that makes this balance bike stand out? For one, it manages to do its job well. Here are some things you would love about it.
  • No- pedal ensures the child learns to balance through feet
  • It trains steering and motor coordination
  • Light and sturdy
  • Simple and durable
  • Adjustable handle bars and seat
  • comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Solid tires enables ride on any terrain
  • Comfort and safety guaranteed
  • Footrest for gliding and resting the feet
  • Brake mount (optional)
  • All weather plastic seat prevents tear or damage
Cons  While good, for the most part, there are some things that could have been better.
  • Tools are required for adjusting seat and handle bars
  • The child quickly outgrows as the age limit is 1.5 to 3 years only. Other bikes have age limit up to 5-7years..



Some of the frequently asked questions

Q: Is there any kind of warranty offered?

Ans: The product comes with a two year warranty.

Q: How long does it take to receive the bike once ordered?

Ans: On confirmation of the order, the Bike is delivered within two working days.

Q: Are there any color choices on bikes?

Ans: The bikes come in four vibrant colors – Pink, Green, Blue or Red color.


Strider 12” classic is the best gift for your child. Kids actually love riding it. The No pedal Balance bike ensures the child excels in strong motor coordination, steering and balancing. The bike trains the child for pedal rides. Once the child learns to balance the walking bike and gain confidence, he/she can easily switch to real bicycles. With all safety features strictly adhered to and 100% comfort guaranteed, The Strider 12” Classic Balancing Bike is a smart investment in your child’s future.



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