Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike Review- BicycooGT and BMX

Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike Review- BicycooGT and BMXWhen your child starts to grow up and reach the age of 4 to 5, it is the best time when you start teaching them about bicycle riding. It will definitely not be an easy, simple and stress-free experience for you because you have to take actually ride it with them during their training. Training wheels used in children bicycles remove this difficulty, but still, it is not a feasible option.

Balance bikes are an innovation in bicycle technology that is used to train children for riding a bicycle with full confidence and zero dependence on their parents. As they will learn the basics and ride a balance bike for a month or two, they will automatically learn to coast and cruise without any assistance. It looks like a real bike and therefore encourages the passion in children to play with them.

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Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike, Red (BicycooGT)

Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike

BicycooGT is an amazing balance bike manufactured by Joovy company. BicycooGT has won many awards due to its amazing designs and color combinations in the largest trade show held in Europe. It is a very slid framed balance bike build especially for toddlers so that they can start their bike riding experience without any fear. The adjustable handlebar of the BicycooGT balance bike is an amazing feature that is made without any turning limiter. As the tires of the BicycooGT are made extraordinarily wide, almost 12 inches wide, so they are helpful for kids to keep the balance while riding these bicycles and also, they look super cool.


Outstanding Feature of BicycooGT Balance Bike

  • The manufacturer suggested retail price of a BicycooGT balance bike is just 150 dollars.
  • The frame of this bike is made purely with aluminum that makes it very solid.
  • Seat height is adjustable that may be increased up to 15,25 inches or decreased as low as 14 inches.
  • The BicycooGT also have seat clams to adjust the seat height.
  • The brakes of these balance bikes are just for the are wheel.
  • There is a handlebar that is also used to adjust the height of BicycooGT.
  • Footrest and turn limiters are not present in it.
  • The total weight is just 85 pounds.
  • The capacity to bear weight on BicycooGT bike is 55 pounds.
  • The tires have 12 inches air.
  • Rms are made of plastic.
  • They come with a warranty of 13 months.
  • BicycooGT balance bikes come in three basic colors, which are, red, white and black.
  • Have dimensions of 33.50 x 16.25 x 21.50.

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Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike, Blue, 21.5 x 16.2 x 33.5

Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike

When you see your child riding a bicycle without losing the balance, it makes every parent smile. Joovy is a balance bike manufacturing company that offer its two type of special balance bikes for kids. One of those bikes is Bicycoo BMX. This bike is extremely popular due to its durability, extraordinary comfortable designing and safety during riding.
The sturdy design and the stylish look of Bicycoo BMX balance bikes are not comparable to any other bike in the world. This fact is proven when the Joovy Bicycoo BMX balance bikes worn the most stylish and comfortable bikes award in a European trade show. They are now considered as the best balance bikes that help your children get a grip on riding a bicycle with full confidence.

Salient Features of Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike

  • Bicycoo BMX price range varies just from 102 to 117 dollars.
  • The total weight of this balance bike is not more than 9 pounds.
  • The frame of these bikes is made of aluminum.
  • The height of the bike seat is quite adjustable. It may range from 14 inches to 16.25 inches from the ground surface.
  • The tires of Bicycoo BMX have suspension due to 12 inches refillable sir in them.
  • They have a proper handbrake for the rare wheel.
  • They are exclusively made for children that are 18 months old. Maximum 3 years of a child can ride these bikes.
  • Bicycoo BMX can bear 55 pounds weight on it.
  • The assembled length, width and height dimensions of Bicycoo BMX are 33.50 x 16.25 x 21.50.
  • Just like high-end bikes, they are strong, solid and light in weight.

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Difference between Joovy BicycooGT and BMX

Difference between Joovy BicycooGT and BMX

Right now, the balance bikes introduced by Joovy company are considered as the best and most stylish ones in the market. These bikes are Bicycoo BMX and BicycooGT. As soon as they are launched, they have grabbed the attention of kids and parents alike. Children want to ride on these bikes because of their amazing contrasting colors and their designs, while parents like them because with them it become stress less for them to teach their children bike riding. Their frame and the advanced braking system is extraordinary due to which they are choice of millions all around Europe.
Although both Bicycoo BMX and BicycooGT are similar in their basic feature, but there is a slight difference between the two. The adjustability of BicycooGT is just 1.25 inches, which is less than Bicycoo BMX. While the handlebar in Bicycoo BMX is fixed and in BicycooGT they are movable. These two are the only differences between these two amazing bikes. One can buy any one of them as both are equally comfortable and safe for riding.

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Bicycoo BMX and BicycooGT are the balance bikes, exclusively made for kids who just start their riding activity. These balance bikes, as the name suggests, are very well balanced and comfortable for kids to ride and give them the confidence to ride them at their own. Their wide size tire, lightweight, amazing colors, high quality makes them the first choice of parents in Europe. Although both have the same features, but there is the difference in their price. So, if you have a low budget and you want an amazing balance bike, then Bicycoo BMX is a great option for you.

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