Enkeeo Balance Bike Review

Have you ever thought of the kind of bike that you would want your junior to ride as she/he grows? This has always been a concern to most parents. However, this should no longer worry you for with Enkeeo balance bike, your problem is already solved. This bike model will help a beginner to learn on how to balance a bicycle even for as small as two year old kid. It is very comfy and easy to ride and thus will give that confidence when you will be handling other types of bike on market!

Why Enkeeo Balance Bike?

Safe, fun and long-lasting

Unlike when riding other bikes, with this model you will not experience any kind of falling and having bruises on your knees. You will be able to ride on any kind of surface without much struggle. With the high balance ability, you can ride on grass or in pavements without losing your balance. Their frames are rust free and the seat and the handlebars are removable making it strong and firm.

Most excellent choice for riding exercise

This no pedal model is very strong and very light making it good for a junior or even a beginner despite the age. The pedals are adjustable and thus can fit your hand very well. This increases the grip making safe for your child. You might be wondering what will happen when your child grows, but you need to worry no more. This new model can be adjusted to fit your child well.

SpecificationsEnkeeo Balance Bike Review

  • The frames are made of carbon steel. This makes it strong and durable model and you will experience fewer breakages. This therefore means you will incur less costs for maintenance.
  • The handlebars are made of TPR material. This gives it a good grip and is soft for your hand
  • It has EVA +PP tire material. this gives it a good grip when it lands on any surface
  • The entire bike has a weight capacity of 50kg that is around 110.2lbs. This is fit for your child since she/he can carry it around comfortably
  • Can accommodates children from 2 – 6 years old

Package contents ( *may vary )

Unlike other types of bicycles that you have ever come across, the no pedal bicycle model comes with several features that make it unique. It has one enkeeo balance, a bell, a bike stand, a wretch, tube clamp, two tube clamp caps and four screw head caps. Also you will be given a manual together with a thank you note.

  • 1pcs Enkeeo Balance Bike
  • 1pcs Bike Stand
  • 1pcs Wrench
  • 1pcs Tube Clamp
  • 2pcs Tube Clamp Caps
  • 4pcs Screw Head Caps
  • 1pcs User Manual
  • 1pcs Thank You Card


  • Is good for learning accelerating motor skills in juniors
  • They are safe since there are no any interference from the pedals
  • They can accommodate various ages of kids thus cannot easily be outgrown


  • They are costly as compared to other bikes with pedals
  • If not properly maintained the wooden parts can rot


  • It is adjustable. The handlebars and the frames can be adjusted to fit your child comfortably
  • It is a lightweight type of bike that will not give stress top your kid.
  • She/he can freely move with it around with ease
  • High performance. It is made with strong material that will last longer
  • It has been designed for safety. The strong EVA tires makes it a safe type to ride on
  • Fast learn. The fact that it comes with no pedals it makes it so easy to train with

Enkeeo Balance Bike Comparison

Enkeeo balance bike comparison


Question: Can one add pedals when their child is grown and able to use them?
Answer: No. the model type does not have the option of fixing pedals

Question: Do they come with foot pegs?
Answer: The bike doesn’t have foot pegs

Question: What are the tires made of? Can one add air on them like other regular bikes?
Answer: Enkeeo wheels are made of EVA polymer to make them puncture proof and flat free. They do not need any air but can work well like the regular bikes


Many people grow up without learning how to ride a bike. This is mostly contributed to the fact that learning with paddled bikes makes it hard for a beginner. With Enkeeo no pedal, you can now encourage your young ones to ride as early as they are two. This will help them on how to coordinate and balance before they graduate to pedal type bikes. This is good for building your kids confidence in riding. Find Enkeeo and you will love it.

TPR Material: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) which consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. Ref: Wikipedia

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