Bixe balance Bike Review

I am currently carrying out a non-scientific study to find out if biking is hereditary. Don’t blame me. My 5-year old toddler started craving a Bike when he turned 1! I simply looked at him and muttered; “like father, like son”. The next big step was to find the right balance bike that is not just safe for a toddler, but also rugged and durable. I came across the Bixe Balance Bike, and I am glad we did. My kid gained his balance in no time. Today I will try to share my Bixe balance bike review with you.


Every kid I know likes to play, and play hard. Biking offers them both. But because kids will always be kids, you have to be careful the kind of bike you get them. A balance bike is like a transitional bike, preparing your little toddler for regular bikes. That’s why they’re pedal-less. My little boy’s Bixe balance bike was his companion for about a year. Now that he has a regular kid’s bike, you can tell it was the right step to take.


Why We Chose Bixe Balance Bike

Bixe Best Balance Bike ReviewI put some thoughts into buying this bike and my reasons were simple. If you’re also thinking of what balance bike to get for your kids, it’s a good thing you have stumbled on my bixe balance bike review.


Wheels and Tyres:

Although lightweight, the wheels and tires on Bixe balance bike are durable. While the wheels are sure to remain sturdy and steady for a long time, the tires have been proven to be puncture-proof. Just in case some sharp objects are hanging around, having the right tires will save you the sweat. The wheels are also injection mold. They are made of hard plastic and do not require air. The wheels, on the other hand, have maintenance-free bearings that are strong and long lasting.


Quick-Release Clamps:

Ease is a major factor, especially when it comes to assembling bikes. It is best when the bike is designed to make it easy for the parent as well. It is easy and convenient to adjust the handlebars and the seats on the bixe balance bike. In fact, all the unnecessary vulgarity and complicated processes involved when assembling other bikes are completely erased here. Just pack up and put it in your trunk.



The quality of the bike was the first attraction for me. As a bike enthusiast myself, I didn’t want to buy just any balance bike for my kid, I wanted a good quality bike. Bixe balance bike possesses that quality I sought. It is made of a strong aluminum frame that gives it strength and maximum stability. The seat is padded and wrapped with durable fabric, ensuring it doesn’t just feel comfortable but lasts long as well.


Long lasting:

Apart from its rugged feel and design, the bike is easily adjustable. This is why it can be used by toddlers between ages 2 and 6. This means that your kid can grow to understand his regular bike as my kid has. He now performs stunts that leave me breathless sometimes. I just ensure he’s properly geared up for protection. From the maintenance-free bearings down to other durable parts, there’s actually no better deal than this.



Another factor I considered was if there was a warranty on the bike. Bixe balance bike comes with a 2-year warranty. You will not only get a full refund when you return it (if you ever need to do that), they’ll also take care of the return shipping cost. It takes a confident brand to offer such warranty on a product that you can’t quite use softly. This is a pointer that the manufacturers are sure of what they have produced.



  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • The bike is durable and sturdy.
  • Amazing, bright colors give it great aesthetic value.
  • Can be used by toddlers and older kids.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • The bike comes with a 2-year warranty with a complete refund.
  • The bearings are also protected from the rain.



  • There have been complaints of the seat holder breaking with time.
  • Might not hold big-sized kids.


Features of Bixe Balance Bike


  • It comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. This ensures maximum safety for your toddler.
  • It is termed the most lightweight balance bike in the world. It weighs only 3.6lbs, perfect for your toddler’s control and weight.
  • The lightweight aluminum frame gives it maximum durability. Although it can be easily carried around, this is not a compromise on durability.
  • It features a soft-padded seat, with great and durable fiber material for a long lasting experience.
  • The bike is finished with an amazing blend of bright colors. This gives it a beautiful and classy look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What material are the tires?

Ans: The tires are made of plastic.

Ques: Does the bike require assembly?

Ans: Yes, an easy assembly is required.

Ques: What is the seat height range?

Ans: The seat post is about 10.5 inches. That means you can raise the seat up to about 8 inches.



If you’re still not convinced that a balance bike will do more good than a tricycle or 3-wheeled bicycle, it is because your toddler has not tried out a good product. Bixe balance bike provides that preparatory and fun bridge that your kid requires. With its amazing features, it stands out in a very competitive market. If you want your kid to learn real bike balance, you might want to give this product a try.

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