KaZAM Balance Bikes Review

Are you looking for an activity that you can engage with your kids this holiday season? Well, how about bicycle riding. Bike riding is a fun activity, and we cannot forget the excellent body benefits that come with it such as toning and strengthening your body muscles. The exercise also helps you have wonderful times with your kids as well. When it comes to selecting a suitable bike for your child, there are some important details and tips that you need to consider to ensure that you make the right decisions. They include;


The size

The size of the bike is one important detail to consider when buying a bike for your child. This is because if the bike is either too small or too big, it may be difficult for the kid to ride and without KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bikeforgetting it may be dangerous too. So ensure you buy the appropriate size of a bike for your child.

The tires

With kids, you have to be extra careful when it comes to selecting the quality since if you buy a bike that has poor tires, they will easily get spoilt. Sometimes you may not be around to monitor the kid’s movement, and they may end up riding on the rough and bumpy areas so ensure that you buy a bike with robust and durable tires.

Ease to use

The bike should be easy to operate such that in case the child needs to adjust the seat or the pedals it should be easy to do so. Therefore ensure the bike is flexible and easy to work with.


Today we will review two best KaZAM bikes for your kids.


KaZAM V2s No Pedal Balance Bike Review

This kind of a bike comes in different and beautiful colors to select from. Other unique features include;


The patent footrest

The presence of patent footrest makes it easy for the kid to step and operate the bike.

Good position of the footrest

The footrest is also situated on the natural area where the real pedals are crafted hence making it possible for the rider to find their center of gravity.

Adjustable seat and handle

For comfort purposes, you don’t have to worry as you can easily adjust the position either upward or downwards for easy reach and without forgetting the handle bar can also be adjusted to operate the bike smoothly.

Strong and air filled tires

The tires of the bike are well-filled and are strong to provide stability even when the bike is on the rocky or uneven road.



  • The bike is easy to assemble since it comes with the required tools to do so. I bought it for my son, and it took me few minutes to assemble so I would recommend it.
  • The bike is suitable for kids who are up to 5 years and with the adjustable seats and handlers it will be much easy to operate at their comfortable position.
  • Also if you want to teach your kids how to ride a bike, then KaZAM v2s is the best bike since the patent footrest enables them to learn how to balance. As we all know balancing is the only problem when it comes to learning how to ride a bike.



  • The bikes come with air filled tires and require one to be extra cautious when using it on rough roads to avoid it from getting a puncture.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the suitable age to ride this bike?

Answer: The bike is suitable for kids who are five years and below.

Question: What does the bike weigh?

Answer: The bike has a shipping weight of 12.5 pounds, and the actual weight of the bike is 10 lbs.

This type of bike is suitable for beginners as it is easy to operate and also teaches the kid to learn how to balance with ease which is achieved with the use of patent footrest. So if you are looking for a present to get your 2-year old son or daughter this Christmas, then consider KaZAM V2s bike.


KaZAM v2e no Pedal Balance Bike Review

Its unique features.

Puncture resistant tires

Durability is crucial when it comes to kids bike, and for that reason, the KaZAM v2e is designed with puncture resistant tires that can withstand rough and uneven roads.


Footrest design

For easy learning and balance, the bike is designed with a patent footrest. The footrest is also positioned on the natural area where the pedals are usually placed.



The pedals and the handlebar are adjustable for comfort and easy to ride and reach.



  • The bike is convenient regarding durability since the tires are made using strong and durable materials.
  • The footrest makes it easy and possible for kids to learn how to balance since it is situated in the same area the real pedals are designed at.
  • It is easy to assemble using the user manual and the packed tools, and therefore you don’t need to spend extra cost in hiring a technician.
  • The kid can grow with it up to five years since it has adjustable seat and handlers.



  • Ensure the bike is completely dried up when it comes into contact with water since it is made with steel that is easy to rust.


Frequently asked questions and answers.



Question: Can I fill the tires with air?

Answer: No the bike has no opening for filling the air. Its tires are not of the regular bikes.


Question: Why is this bike different from the others?

Answer: Unlike other bikes which have wheels filled with air, this particular bike has its wheels made of foam.


Question: What is the right height for a child to ride the bike?

Answer: Any kid who is 36 inches should be able to ride this bike comfortably.


This is another excellent and reliable bike to buy for your kid especially if they are learning how to ride a bike. It is convenient since the wheels are designed with foam and do not require to be filled with air. It is easy to assemble whereby you can easily do it on your own.