CyclingDeal Balance Bicycle Review

Does your child love the idea of riding a bike down the road and feel the wind? Well, now you can reward him or with this experience by buying the perfect bike. Do you feel anxious about your child not being able to maintain balance and falling? You will find all your answers in this CyclingDeal balance bicycle review!

Well, with the Kids CyclingDeal Push Balance Bike,  you can be stress-free as you children have the time of their lives. Maintain balance will not be difficult at all and your kids will love this product! This bike is a godsend for both Cycling Deal offers kids Child Push Balance Bike Bicycling 12".parents and children. Can it get better than this?



The bicycle has a solid steel-anodised frame that is strong and durable. When your child gets onto the bike, you will not have to fear for his or her safety as the bike will easily withstand the pressure. T blast sanding surface is also worth a mention as it makes the bike quite unique in a market that is flooding with bikes of the same kind. The handlebar is also similarly steel-anodised and has a blast sanding surface which makes it a tough attachment which will not give in even if you child pulls it hard. The frame of this bike is solid and will not disappoint you in any manner.



Made of steel, the stem will also pass the test of durability. Since it has been made especially for kids, the brand has been careful to keep the height flexible. You can adjust the height of the stem if your child starts to grow taller without any hassle at all. This will make your investment value for money as your child will be able to use this bike for quite a while. Any child between the ages of 2 and 6 will be able to hitch a ride on this bike comfortably because of the adjustable height feature.



The grips are tough and non-slippery which is essential in all children’s bikes. Since the grips are instrumental in helping your child learn balance, they have been designed with extra care and every small detail has been attended to. They are made of plastic and won’t break easily. Painted black, your child will love these grips. The best part is that they will help your child develop his or her grip slowly so that they can ride bigger bikes with ease later on.


Seat Post

The seat post has been made of steel and can be adjusted according to your child’s convenience just like the rest of the bike. Your child will not be able to enjoy the experience unless he or she is seated comfortably which is why the seat post is so important. Strong and durable, your child will feel safe, and you will be reassured. As your child grows in height with each day, you can adjust the height of the seat post. The maximum length is 230mm. Your child will not find it difficult at all to get onto the bike.



As parents, you must be worried about the durability and efficiency of the wheels as they constitute the main part of a bike. This bike has 12 inch EVA wheels with black plastic rims that are absolutely fantastic and smooth to ride on. With a tough grip, these wheels will shield your child against any disaster.



  • Good handle grip.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • Long-lasting wheels.
  • Adjustable seat post.
  • Height of the stem can be changed.
  • Life time warranty on the frame.
  • Helpful in maintaining balance.


  • The tires may not last long.
  • Some kids might find it too small.

CyclingDeal Balance Bicycle Features

  • Steel-anodised frame and handle bar with blast sanding surfaces.
  • Made of steel, the height of the stem can be adjusted.
  • The black grips are made of plastic.
  • The steel seat post has adjustable height.
  • The saddle is made of plastic and has a synthetic leather cover.
  • The product has 12 inch EVA wheels with plastic rims.
  • Life time warranty on the frame and 2-year warranty on the rest of the parts.
  • Suitable for kids aged between 2-6 years.


Question: Are the tires made of hard plastic?

Answer: They are made of a rubbery foam material.

Question: How does one adjust the seat?

Answer: You have to use a wrench to loosen the bolt if you want to adjust the seat.

Question: Do the tires tend to slip on certain surfaces?

Answer: No. The tires offer good traction and are very durable.


The CyclingDeal balance bicycle will fulfill your child’s wish to go riding on a bicycle while giving you peace of mind about his or her safety. That is a perfect combination, much like the wonderful features the product encases together. Strong and sturdy, this bike will treat your child with care and prevent all dangers. Gripping tires, adjustable seat and a tough frame contribute to making this one of the best balance bikes in the market.

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